For nights you'll never remember,
with people you'll never forget

The Chill Bar as the name suggests is a welcoming place to relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona´s busy city life. Although situated beside Barcelona´s most famous attraction, Antonio Gaudi´s ´La Sagrada Familia´, Chill Bar is a refuge from the usual tourist traps, a place where you can enjoy the highest quality homemade food along with an extensive drinks and cocktail menu, in a cosy, friendly, multicultural ambience of local artwork, funky music and friendly and helpful multi-lingual staff.

Chill Bar is a concept that was born from many years of discontentment with the regular offering from bars and restaurants in touristic areas. We don´t like to reflect on the negative and so we decided to create something that we would like to find when travelling ourselves or indeed in our very own neighbourhood.

A place that was immediately welcoming and friendly, with a warm atmosphere, with high quality products, great music and atmosphere, and where new customers, regular customers and passers by are treated in the same friendly manner.We are dedicated to hand picking the best people for our team to endeavour to fulfill this dream and achieve our objectives in order to offer the best possible experience to all of our visitors.

From these basic building blocks and the confluence of like minded people, who´s love for life outweighs the drudgery of materialistic slavery and the obsessions of ass kissing career junkies, we forged a foundation of friends and family and a philosophy: We believe that there are no strangers here, only friends who haven´t yet met. We believe in Karma, and our philosophy is that ´We´re here for a good time, not a long time´..... We believe in Love, Friendship, Family, Respect, Equality, Recycling, Fair Trade, Freedom of speech, Partying, Positivity, Smiling, Music, Dancing, Laughing out Loud, Sandy Beaches, Surf and Free Hugs....